Union Members and Families

Keith’s top legislative priority is ensuring prosperity for working families.

As Keith says, organized labor is the backbone of the middle class. Our brothers and sisters in the labor community, past and present, are champions of dignity in the workplace. They’ve fought to provide us with the right to organize, the minimum wage, the eight hour workday, and so many more basic rights.

Keith is committed to expanding workers’ rights because our economy does better when working families have health care and earn a living wage.

In his first term, Keith and his House Democratic colleagues passed the Employee Free Choice Act, which would provide working families with the tools to advocate for a living wage, health benefits, and safe working conditions. It will protect the rights of workers and expand the middle class for future generations.

It is shameful to see Republican governors and legislatures across the country blaming unions and public employees for our nation’s financial turmoil. Unlike the GOP, Keith is proud of working people’s contributions to our economy, and he will continue working tirelessly to defend our right to organize and bargain collectively for fair wages and benefits.

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