Small Business

Small businesses are the primary source of jobs in our economy. Keith understands that a good small business climate is key to strengthening our communities.

Small business owners with proven track records, good credit histories, and innovative ideas should have access to loans. It is important that they be able to get credit so that they can expand and hire new workers. That’s why Keith has supported legislation like the Small Business Lending Fund Act. This bill creates a fund to make capital investments in community banks to increase the availability of credit for small businesses. Keith strongly believes that the federal government should encourage lending that can support economic growth in our neighborhoods.

In addition to providing small businesses with greater access to credit, Keith has worked with a bipartisan coalition to crack down on credit card “swipe” or interchange fees, which cost American consumers $36 billion per year. Many businesses report that they spend more each year on interchange fees to credit card companies than on providing health insurance to their employees. Keith’s support for this initiative will bolster small businesses by cracking down on credit card industry’s worst abuses.

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