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  • Keith Celebrates End of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    Posted: Sep 20 2011
    Keith has long supported the LGBT community in the battle against this failed policy, which is responsible for the discharge of more than 13,000 highly qualified American service members.
  • Ellison urges IRS to Assist LGBT Couples on Tax Issues

    Posted: Sep 17 2011
    “While full equality cannot be achieved without repealing DOMA, this guidance will provide significant relief to hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, and save critical resources by avoiding unnecessary audits and inappropriate enforcement actions.”
  • Speaking Out for Jobs

    Posted: Sep 16 2011
    Americans need more then just a job, Americans need a good job. Rep. Ellison hit the nail on the head when he stated “every good worker deserves a good American job” That statement is one of the main themes in the CPC framework for creating good, strong jobs for the American worker.
  • Jobs Plan Unveiled by House Progressive Caucus

    Posted: Sep 14 2011
    "We expect [Republicans] to be opposed," Ellison said at a press conference. "But we've got faith in the American people to rise up and demand that Congress pass a jobs bill. So we're fundamentally optimistic, but we're also realistic. We do expect the American people are going to bring pressure to bear."
  • A Big, Bold Jobs Plan

    Posted: Sep 08 2011
    Ahead of President Obama's speech on creating jobs, Rep. Ellison, Rep. Grijalva, Rep. Woosley, and Rep. Lee wrote an op-ed calling for bold action to grow our economy.
  • Ellison Urges Bold Action from Obama on Jobs

    Posted: Sep 01 2011
    Keith Ellison – the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – wants the president to champion sweeping investments in the nation's crumbling roads and bridges as a way to create jobs and jolt the sluggish economy.

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