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  • Keith Discusses Income Inequality on MSNBC

    Posted: Oct 27 2011
    “The American people don’t resent rich people. We just resent being ripped off. The American people want to have an American Dream in which any kid anywhere can aspire to do well if they work hard.”
  • Ellison Huffington Post Op-Ed: Occupy Wall Street's Real Demands

    Posted: Oct 13 2011
    "The Occupy movement is attracting ordinary Americans through concrete action that conveys a clear message. The message is that working Americans want Wall Street to be accountable. The message is that working Americans want a fair tax system. Americans want the Congress to pass legislation that produces jobs."
  • Support Keith with a financial contribution today

    Posted: Sep 30 2011
    With less than 24 hours to go until our financial quarter deadline, and a familiar opponent determined to run an all-out smear campaign, we need to start building resources to prepare for the attacks yet to come.
  • A stunning number

    Posted: Sep 28 2011
    Instead of putting politics aside and offering solutions, this Republican-led Congress is too busy telling struggling families that they’re on their own. Keith will not back down to the GOP, and if you stand with him, we can send a message that it’s time to create prosperity for working families, not Wall Street CEOs.
  • America's Best Days are Ahead

    Posted: Sep 27 2011
    In a recent interview with Bill O'Reilly, Keith rejected the right's cynicism and made the case that America's best days are ahead.
  • Keith receives Sierra Club award

    Posted: Sep 27 2011
    Congressman Keith Ellison received a Distinguished Service Award from the Sierra Club at the group's event last week in San Francisco.The award recognizes his commitment to keeping our air and water clean, and protecting children from dangerous toxins.

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