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  • This Will Take Many Voices

    Posted: Dec 27 2011
    There are over 300 days left in this campaign, but Keith's opponents are coming after him like this race is in its final hours. To break through the toxic rhetoric that others are pumping into this campaign, it will take many voices and many resources.
  • Put Prosperity Before Ideology

    Posted: Dec 21 2011
    The choice Republicans face is simple: either continue protecting tax giveaways for millionaires, or advance prosperity for struggling families by creating jobs and economic opportunity.
  • Peace and Prosperity for the Holidays

    Posted: Dec 21 2011
    With so many Americans still struggling and looking for work, please help those in need by supporting a food shelf in your community with non-perishable food items or a financial contribution.
  • Keith Pushes to Make 'Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act' Permanent

    Posted: Dec 14 2011
    The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) guarantees that banks and other new owners of rental housing after foreclosure provide at least 90 days’ notice to renters living in foreclosed homes. Before PTFA was in place, tenants could be evicted from their homes with as little as a few days’ notice when the property was foreclosed.
  • Progressive Caucus’ New Bill Would Create Millions Of Jobs

    Posted: Dec 14 2011
    The revenue measures in the bill — including new income tax brackets for millionaires, cutting oil subsidies for oil companies, and instituting a financial transactions tax — would not only pay for the job creation measures but would actually reduce the deficit over ten years.
  • Rep. Ellison Discusses Lowe's Ad Pull

    Posted: Dec 13 2011
    In an interview on CNN, Keith expressed disappointment in Lowe's decision to pull advertising from 'All-American Muslim' and called for greater inclusion of people of all faiths and backgrounds.
  • Keith Talks About Overturning Citizens United with Thom Hartmann

    Posted: Dec 08 2011
    To protect the health of our democracy and ensure that ordinary Americans’ voices are not drowned out, Keith introduced the Get Corporate Money Out of Politics Constitutional amendment. Watch Keith's interview with Thom Hartmann to learn more.

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