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  • Keith Calls for Diplomacy with Iran

    Posted: Mar 01 2012
    Ellison is currently circulating a bipartisan letter with Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) encouraging the President to pursue bilateral and multilateral engagement with Iran.
  • Representing the Student Bloc: Rep. Keith Ellison

    Posted: Feb 29 2012
    Since being elected to Congress in 2006, Ellison has supported legislation that reduces interest rates on student loans, increases funding for Pell Grants and makes higher education more accessible to low–income citizens and people of color.
  • National Journal: Ellison Among The Most Liberal House Democrats in 2011

    Posted: Feb 28 2012
    Rep. Keith Ellison, the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, was not only the most liberal member of the Minnesota Congressional delegation in 2011 but is tied as the most liberal member of the whole House of Representatives, according to the National Journal’s annual Vote Ratings.
  • New Political Boundaries Drawn For Minnesota

    Posted: Feb 22 2012
    The 5th District, represented by DFL Rep. Keith Ellison, will be dominated even more by Democrats. Ellison believes he will need to turn out his Minneapolis-based constituents to help other Democrats, like President Barack Obama and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, win.
  • Help Defeat the Anti-Family Amendment

    Posted: Feb 17 2012
    In Minnesota, we know that the definition of marriage is love and commitment. We need people of all colors, faiths, and backgrounds to get involved. Most importantly, we need you. Please join us today and make sure Minnesota supports liberty and justice for all people.

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