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  • Ellison on Affordable Care Act: Our Fight Is Not Over

    Posted: Mar 22 2012
    "We can still do much more to strengthen our nation’s health care system. For starters, we need a public health care option. I fought hard for the public option during the health reform debates, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. By giving consumers more choices, we can increase competition and keep the cost of coverage even lower."
  • Ellison Rolls Out Alternative To Ryan Budget

    Posted: Mar 21 2012
    The long-term budget plan introduced to great fanfare by House Republicans yesterday now has an alternative from the left, courtesy of DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, made up of the most liberal members of Congress.
  • Ellison: House GOP Votes To Restrict Over 700,000 Minnesotans' Right To Vote

    Posted: Mar 21 2012
    "Last night's vote is a concerning departure from our nation’s proud history of including more Americans in the electoral process. Let’s not forget that at the time of America’s founding, only white, property-owning males 21 years of age could vote. Our country has gained far too much to turn back the clock and make it harder for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans to vote."
  • Ellison: Vote For The Union This Week

    Posted: Mar 20 2012
    "University of Minnesota graduate assistants have been working to gain the right to bargain collectively since 1991. By coming together to form a union, graduate assistants will have a stronger voice when it comes to working conditions, wages and benefits."
  • Tell Congress: No War

    Posted: Mar 16 2012
    Just like he stood up to the Iraq war in 2006, Keith is currently leading the charge to prevent an unnecessary war with Iran. Stand with Keith and tell Congress to oppose war.
  • Ellison Op-Ed: One Vote Denied Is One Too Many

    Posted: Mar 14 2012
    "I went to war for this country, but now I can't vote in this country," said 86-year-old World War II veteran Paul Carroll. Last week, Mr. Carroll was turned away from his polling place in Ohio because his driver's license had expired in January and his new government-issued Veterans Affairs ID did not include his home address.
  • Taking The Case For Equality To Capitol Hill

    Posted: Mar 05 2012
    "Our first meeting was with Congressman Keith Ellison, one of the most supportive members of the House on LGBT issues. We thanked Rep. Ellison for his co-sponsorship of all of our bills and his fantastic work with us to defeat the anti-marriage amendment in Minnesota that will be on the ballot in November."

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