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  • Americans Want Solutions, Not Smears

    Posted: Apr 26 2012
    "While my opponent is busy calling you names like “big money player,” I’m focused on organizing Americans around our values so we can take back the House from extremists like Tea Party Rep. Allen West (who recently called me a “communist”)."
  • Fight the Smears. Defend Our Values.

    Posted: Apr 25 2012
    "The radical right is stepping up its game because they’re scared of our values. They’re scared of an America where everybody counts and everybody matters, where there’s economic prosperity for all, not just the richest 1 percent."
  • Ellison Says Romney Is Playing Politics With Student Loans

    Posted: Apr 24 2012
    Two Democratic lawmakers Tuesday called on Mitt Romney to back up his words with action regarding his position on extending the lowered student loan interest rates. Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison said on the call that Romney's decision to side with Obama on the issue was purely a political move, describing it as "politics of the moment."
  • Lawmakers Fight Money in Politics

    Posted: Apr 24 2012
    "People with money can populate Congress with people who are favorable to them through campaign donations, through independent expenditures. Once they get the people they want there, they can pay to lobby Congress to make sure that the people they put there do what they want them to do. And where are the American people's voices in all of that? They're lost."
  • Ellison Proud To Receive Democratic-Farmer-Labor Endorsement

    Posted: Apr 24 2012
    I'm excited to partner with the DFL to make sure we re-elect President Obama, Senator Klobuchar, and defeat the GOP's divisive constitutional amendments. We will work together to make sure voters know what’s at stake.
  • A Healthy Environment Means Healthy Communities

    Posted: Apr 23 2012
    Voters have a choice. Either we can support candidates who look out for the richest 1 percent at the expense of our health and economy, or we can join together to work for the common good and protect our planet.
  • If It Ain't Broke, Break It: The Crisis Congress Continues

    Posted: Apr 23 2012
    For the past few months I've been writing about House Republicans' failure to make government work as part of a self-fulfilling prophecy about the role of government. Since their philosophy says that government should be small and/or government doesn't work, decisions are made to ensure it doesn't work.

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