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  • Pledge To Vote No On The Anti-Marriage Amendment

    Posted: May 09 2012
    "As we see more and more state legislatures taking action to extend civil rights to same-sex couples, it's clear that we've got momentum on our side. A victory in Minnesota this November could have national implications and spark action around the country."
  • Wish Minnesota's Senators A Happy Birthday!

    Posted: May 08 2012
    U.S. Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar both have birthdays next week. Join Keith and wish Al and Amy a happy birthday by signing our card. After you've signed, make an even greater impact by asking your friends to join you.
  • Ellison: Safe Zones Needed On Syria's Borders

    Posted: May 07 2012
    "After three stalled diplomatic attempts to stop Syrian President Bashar Assad's government from killing thousands of unarmed civilians, it's time for the international community to intervene. The United States should partner with its allies to establish safe zones on the borders of countries neighboring Syria."
  • Keith on CNN: No More War

    Posted: May 05 2012
    Watch video of Keith's interview with John King on getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, then take action by signing our petition.
  • 2012 Ellison for Congress Open House

    Posted: May 05 2012
    Watch highlights of Keith's remarks from the 2012 Ellison for Congress Open House then sign up to volunteer to help us turn out over 20,000 new voters.
  • Ellison Op-Ed: Get U.S. Troops Out Of Afghanistan

    Posted: May 01 2012
    Read Keith's CNN op-ed on why we need to bring our troops home from Afghanistan: "We have diminished al Qaeda's strength, so for the sake of our economic and national security, we should decrease our military presence and bring our troops home from Afghanistan as soon as is safely possible."
  • MN Women's Press Readers Vote Keith 'Favorite Male Politician'

    Posted: May 01 2012
    "When Rep. Ellison says, "Everybody counts, everybody matters," it's more than a slogan. He's a champion for underrepresented voices. The Minneapolis congressman helped author the Local Jobs for America Act to create 1 million public jobs. He has championed legislation to keep roofs over the heads of our most vulnerable citizens-seniors, disabled and low-income Americans."

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