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  • Thank Our Team For Their Hard Work

    Posted: Jul 30 2012
    We're marking the 47th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid by asking supporters to thank our team for letting voters know what's at stake this election. We're making sure Americans are informed and getting out to vote for candidates who share our values. Add your name to our thank you card to show your appreciation.
  • Volunteer of the Week: Rick Heimark

    Posted: Jul 27 2012
    “Rick’s great on the phones and his enthusiasm is contagious,” says Andrew Virden, the campaign’s apartment organizer. “We’re incredibly fortunate to have committed volunteers like Rick. When the election rolls around, it’s people like him who make the difference.”
  • Join Keith For A Community Forum On Defeating Photo ID

    Posted: Jul 24 2012
    Congressman Keith Ellison is holding a community forum to let Minnesotans know why they should vote no on the photo ID amendment. It's taking place on Monday, August 6 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Sabes Jewish Community Center located at 4330 Cedar Lake Road South in St. Louis Park.
  • Ellison: Bachmann's Unsupported Allegations Are Out Of Line

    Posted: Jul 19 2012
    During an interview on MSNBC's Jansing & Co., Rep. Ellison said Bachmann's unsupported allegations of disloyalty are out of line. Watch the interview then share with your friends to hold the GOP accountable for their divisive rhetoric.
  • Keith Ellison And John McCain Denounce Bachmann's Witch Hunt

    Posted: Jul 18 2012
    "Democrat Keith Ellison fired back today at his fellow Minnesota lawmaker, Republican Michele Bachmann, with a letter excoriating her for failing to provide evidence to support her witch hunt against Muslims in the U.S. government."
  • VIDEO: Rep. Ellison Refutes Bachmann's Scare-Mongering on CNN

    Posted: Jul 18 2012
    Keith went on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss the letter that Rep. Michele Bachmann and four of her Republican colleagues sent to five government agencies calling for an investigation into potential “deep penetration” of Muslim extremist infiltration into the highest levels of the U.S. government.
  • Join Abby. Protect Our Access To Affordable Health Care.

    Posted: Jul 11 2012
    "Republicans in the House of Representatives are voting for the 31st time to take away our access to affordable care and patient protections. If the GOP had their way, it would mean greater financial hardship for millions of Americans—including myself."
  • VIDEO: DFL Chair Ken Martin Interviews Rep. Keith Ellison

    Posted: Jul 10 2012
    Keith recently sat down with DFL Chair Ken Martin for the "DFL Chair's Corner" podcast to discuss what's at stake in the 2012 elections. Ken and Keith talked about moving our economy forward, protecting Minnesotans' right to vote, and community organizing in Minnesota's Fifth District.

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