This Will Take Many Voices

There are over 300 days left in this campaign, but Keith's opponents are coming after him like this race is in its final hours.

His newest opponent is asking voters: "Do you really want someone representing you who swears an oath on a Koran—a book that undermines our Constitution and says you should be killed?"

Meanwhile, another opponent has attacked Keith for introducing legislation to curb voter suppression schemes passed by Republican state legislatures.

To top it off, Minnesota Majority, a right-wing special interest group that's leading the war on voters here in Minnesota, is following suit by claiming Keith supports "voter fraud for all."

To break through the toxic rhetoric that others are pumping into this campaign, it will take many voices and many resources.

That’s why Keith has set a goal to reach 200 donors by midnight on December 31, a critical fundraising deadline, to show that we have the resources to continue standing up for working families, no matter how low our opponents stoop to defeat him.

Can Keith count on you to help break our goal with a financial contribution of $5 or more today? 

With support from people like you who share Keith's belief in an America where everybody counts and everybody matters, you can help overcome these attacks and build a more progressive America.

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Everybody Counts

Everybody Matters.