Volunteer of the Week: Shukri Farah

Friday, September 28, 2012

Every Friday, the Ellison Campaign highlights a Volunteer of the Week to show our appreciation for all of our volunteers' hard work. We can't do this without them! Make a difference and click here to sign up to volunteer.

Shukri Farah began volunteering after her friend, Ellison Campaign community organizer Osman Ahmed, encouraged her to get involved. She was inspired by Keith’s positive, inclusive, and welcoming campaign.”

“I love the way Keith includes everyone, regardless of race, religion, or anything else,” says Shukri. “He truly cares about people. I agree wholeheartedly with his message and his policies.”

“Keith’s motto, Everybody Counts, Everybody Matters, inspired me too,” adds Osman. “The future of Minnesota belongs to young people like Shukri who are getting involved and making a difference in their communities.”

Over the past month, Shukri has been coming in twice a week to have one-on-one conversations with voters over the phones and at their doors. She also trains new volunteers, which is a huge help because with the election just 39 days away, more and more people are coming into our office to make a difference.

“I love volunteering because I get to meet new people every day,” says Shukri. Whether it’s the voters she talks to or fellow volunteers that she helps in the office, Shukri is making a big difference.

Her top priority is helping defeat the costly and complicated voter restriction amendment on the ballot this November. Like a growing number of Minnesotans, she’s concerned about the amendment’s serious consequences for eligible voters. Thanks to people like Shukri who are taking action, we have a serious shot at stopping the amendment.

Volunteers will make the difference in this election. We need you to join Shukri and be a part of our team.

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