Volunteer of the Week: Matt Schirber

Friday, August 31, 2012

Every Friday, the Ellison Campaign will highlight a Volunteer of the Week to show our appreciation for all of our volunteers’ hard work. We can’t do this without them! Make a difference and click here to sign up to volunteer.

Matt Schirber is a junior at Augsburg College in Minneapolis with a triple major in Political Science, Spanish and International Affairs. He has been coming into the Ellison for Congress every night this week for several hours to volunteer before his Fall semester begins.

Matt has volunteered for a number of campaigns, including for Obama in 2008 and with the DFL. At Augsburg, he has helped to Get Out The Vote by passing out information about how students can register to vote and the location of their polling place.

Matt is passionate  about defeating the voter restriction amendment that will be on the ballot this November. He's concerned that it will restrict thousands of students across Minnesota from exercising their constitutional right to vote. He decided to take action by meeting with his state legislator, a co-sponsor of the bill in the Minnesota House of Representatives, to try to change her mind and inform her of the negative impact on students' voting rights.

Matt began volunteering with the Ellison Campaign Ellison for Congress recently, but he first got to know Keith when he first met him five years ago. “I met Keith at Camp Wellstone, which is a camp that teaches students skills on progressive values, how to engage others and how Paul Wellstone campaigned,” says Matt.

“Keith is passionate, sincere, and truly believes in progressive values,” says Matt. “Every time I hear him speak, I feel empowered to go out into my community and make a difference.”

Volunteers will make the difference in this election. We need you to join Matt and be a part of our team.

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