Volunteer of the Week: Kevin Nash

Friday, August 8, 2014

Every Friday, the Ellison Campaign highlights a Volunteer of the Week to show our appreciation for all of our volunteers’ hard work. We can’t do this without them! Make a difference and click here to sign up to volunteer.

Our volunteer of the week is a volunteer-turned-intern who is sixteen and enjoys eating curry chicken with rice. Kevin Nash was so dedicated to his work when he started that he was offered an intern position as the campaign kicked off. Kevin currently likes to sing, make music, and help people in the community. He has only been involved with the campaign recently but has been interested in politics from a young age. When Kevin was younger, Keith told him he wanted him on the campaign when he got older. Keith’s request stuck with him and years later here he is, interning and gaining credits for high school.

His mom always told him that, “if you don’t know your past you can’t move onto your future” and he applies this advice to politics. He believes if you pay attention to what has occurred you can make real progress later on. He also believes that “knowing the inside of a campaign makes you have a better understanding of politics, the world around you, and how things can affect your life.”

He’s learned a lot from volunteering and interning, and especially loves the fact that he’s learning how to communicate with people on another level. He is also enjoying being able to do more outreach and meet people in his community. “I get to have more one-on-one chances with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise.” He’s also getting better with staying on task, something that he knows will help him prepare for college and the rest of his life. He’s glad he has the opportunity with the campaign because he’s been enjoying “gaining experience for the future.”

Thank you so much for all your hard work Kevin!

With just 88 days to go until the election, we need you to join Kevin and be a part of our team.

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