Volunteer Of The Week: Faiza Hassan

Friday, August 8, 2012

Every Friday, the Ellison Campaign will highlight a Volunteer of the Week to show our appreciation for all of our volunteers’ hard work. We can’t do this without them! Make a difference and click here to help our campaign Get Out The Vote in the Democratic Primary Election this Tuesday, August 14.

Faiza Hassan has been volunteering with the Ellison Campaign for the past month. She regularly joins our campaign to speak with voters over the phone and at their doors about the upcoming election.

When Faiza talks to voters, she’s always thinking about the bigger picture. “I’m so grateful to be making a difference in my community—and I’m proud to explain to friends, family, and community members that their vote matters.”

When Ellison Campaign community organizer Osman Ahmed first met Faiza, she said she was looking for a way to make a difference in her community. Osman replied “Come on down to our office and volunteer!”

Faiza did—and she continues to do so.

Most recently, Faiza joined over thirty Minnesotans for a phone bank to get out the vote in the Somali-American community. She spent the evening talking to voters about the upcoming Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday, August 14. “People need to know that they have the power to vote and have a direct impact on their community,” says Faiza.

Now, Faiza is taking every opportunity to get people she knows involved in the political process. When she learned that a good friend was moving to Minneapolis next month, the first thing Faiza told him was to register to vote and get to the polls on Election Day.

Volunteers will make the difference in this election. We need you to join Faiza and be a part of our team.

Click here and sign up to help our campaign Get Out The Vote for the Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday, August 14.

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