Volunteer of the Week: Eva Ichkhanian

Friday, July 18, 2014

Every Friday, the Ellison Campaign highlights a Volunteer of the Week to show our appreciation for all of our volunteers’ hard work. We can’t do this without them! Make a difference and click here to sign up to volunteer.

When asked what is so special about this Volunteer of the Week, Lead Field Organizer Erin Maye was at a loss for words, “Eva was the first phone call I made on my first day. Since then, she has been a mentor, organizer, therapist, motivator and just…everything. I’m inspired by her passion and envious of her organizing abilities. She is all the things.”

One of the most incredible things about Eva, someone who is a Neighborhood Team Leader and has such a passion for grassroots organizing, is that she is not an American citizen – she’s from Germany. Yet she doesn’t see this as an excuse to opt-out of the political process, she sees it as a reason to get more involved. “Every conversation I have and every call I make that gets a person to the polls will make up for the one vote I am not able to cast,” says Eva.

She got started in 2011, working on the Obama campaign. “When you’re working on a political campaign you have to be prepared for anything,” says Eva. “But the weirdest thing that happened to me was waking up on November 7, 2012 and thinking So now what?” Eva quickly figured out what was next, though. Team of the Lakes, the group that she has led since 2011, is known for being one of the best around. After 2012, it stayed together to do issue organizing until this election cycle began. “I love my team, my peeps. I’m very proud of my peeps,” says Eva when asked about her favorite part of volunteering. Despite her role as an NTL, she consciously leads by example, saying, “I expect a lot from people, but I don’t expect anything that I’m not willing to do myself.”

And this attitude seems to be working because, as Erin Maye puts it, “People turn out for Eva.” Eva also turns out for other people. She can frequently be seen at meetings and phone banks for teams outside of her home district of 61B.

Eva sees working on the campaign as a constant learning experience. “I have learned that when you respect people, you empower people,” she says. “And when you approach and accept everybody for what they can contribute, you can accomplish amazing things.”

Forever an optimist, Eva hopes her team will be a part of electing Hillary Clinton as the first woman president in 2016. As for President Obama, on whose campaign her volunteering began, “I think he will go down as one of the greatest American presidents ever,” she says.

Everyone at the campaign would like to sincerely thank you, Eva, for all of the extraordinary things you do.

With just 108 days to go until the election, we need you to join Eva and be a part of our team.

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