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Monday, July 30, 2012

Today, our campaign is proud to recognize the 47th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid.

For 47 years, these historic programs have helped our seniors, low-income Americans, children, and people with disabilities receive affordable, life-saving medical care. Fridley resident Marchale Hyndman told our campaign that were it not for these programs, “I couldn't afford to go to a doctor on my limited income.”

We believe in an America where everyone should be able to see a doctor and receive care—regardless of income level. Unfortunately, Republicans in Washington don’t share this view.

The GOP’s budget ends Medicare as we know it and slashes $1 trillion from Medicaid funding. The result? The most vulnerable Americans will be unable to afford the medical care they need and deserve.

We have the ability to prevent this nightmare from happening. By holding thousands of one-on-one conversations with voters about what’s at stake, we can get them to the polls to support candidates who share our values.

Protecting access to affordable health care is just one of the many issues our volunteers, interns, and community organizers talk about with voters every day. Just this past week alone, our team reached out to over 20,000 voters at their doors and on the phones to have conversations about the issues that impact our lives.

Talking to thousands of voters is tough work, but with less than 100 days left until the election, every single conversation will make a difference.

We’re asking our supporters to sign a thank you card to show their appreciation for our team’s hard work reaching out to voters. Click here to add your name.

Our nation does best when Americans are well-informed, organized, and taking action to strengthen their communities. Our team is making calls and knocking on doors from dawn until dusk to make sure voters know what’s at stake this election so we can move our country forward.

Click here to thank our team for all their hard work.

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