Stand up to Republican greed

A few years ago, our financial system was brought to the brink of collapse during a time of Republican deregulation and "anything goes" attitude.

A year ago today, the Democratic Congress passed financial reform to rein in the Wall Street greed that sent our nation's economy into a spiral from which we are still recovering.

Right now, Republicans are playing a dangerous game with the debt ceiling. They would default on our nation's bills and threaten to tank the economy in order to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and billionaires.

We stood up to Wall Street greed by passing financial reform last year. This year, stand up to Republican greed.

Tell Congress: Pay our bills. Raise the debt ceiling now.

In 2008, Wall Street greed sent shockwaves through our economy felt by millions of Americans. This year, Republican greed threatens to do the same.

Don't let them get away with it.

Send a message to Republicans: Stop jeopardizing our economic recovery and raise the debt ceiling now.

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