Rep. Ellison: We Stand In Solidarity With Our Neighbors

Monday, June 4, 2012

Congressman Keith Ellison released the following statement ahead of tomorrow's recall election in Wisconsin.

"The people of Wisconsin will send a message on Tuesday that no one has a mandate to wage war on middle class and working families—no matter what the outcome of the recall election may be.

I am honored to send off bus loads of volunteers to get out the vote in Wisconsin on Tuesday morning. After all, Minnesotans always help our neighbors when they are in need. Had it not been for the hard work, commitment, and dedication of thousands of volunteers throughout Minnesota in 2010, our state could very well have faced a similar fate as Wisconsin--only without a recall election option.

When dozens of people take an entire day to volunteer, it's a clear sign that enthusiasm is up among Democrats.

We stand in solidarity with our neighbors across the border in support of equal pay for women, the right to collectively bargain, and jobs that pay well and offer good benefits."


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