Rep. Ellison: Oppose Photo ID At Your Precinct Caucus

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Via Minnesota Progressive Project:

Yesterday, GOP Senators held their first hearing aimed at stripping away Minnesotans' constitutional right to vote. Opponents came out in force to speak against the photo ID amendment bill. Seniors, students, veterans, and more who opposed the amendment overwhelmingly outnumbered the amendment's supporters.

"Yesterday's hearing at the legislature was a clear indication that Minnesotans understand how this amendment would turn their constitutional right into a privilege," said Rep. Ellison. "They believe our Constitution should protect people's rights, not strip them away. I'm proud to stand with my fellow Minnesotans to protect our vote."

Across the state next week, Minnesotans will introduce resolutions at their precinct caucuses to oppose the photo ID amendment. Rep. Ellison's re-election campaign has been organizing voters in the Fifth District and around the state to attend their caucus, introduce the resolution, and talk to their neighbors about the amendment's dangerous consequences.

"We will fight this amendment every step of the way. Turning Minnesotans' constitutional right to vote into a privilege is wrong, and we're not going to let it happen."

Click here to download a copy of a resolution opposing photo ID that you can introduce at your precinct caucus on February 7.

Not sure where to caucus? Click here to find your location.


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