People's Budget or Roadmap to Ruin?

Keith penned an opinion piece with fellow Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair, Raul Grijalva. In it, the two layout two vastly distinct tracks the nation could take: a true people's budget that protects seniors and balances the budget in 10 years, or a roadmap to ruin that demands sacrifice of the poor and elderly in exchange for tax cuts for millionaires.

After months of symbolic legislation aimed at pleasing its political base, the House Republican majority Tuesday unveiled its plan for America’s future. Sadly – but not surprisingly – it looks a lot like the standard right-wing schemes that reward Wall Street while kicking more Americans out of the middle class.

In fact, this budget that punishes working families, while putting more of our tax dollars in the pockets of the rich, is nothing more than a Republican Roadmap to Ruin.

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