Our Top Priority Should Be Jobs

A message from Congressman Keith Ellison:

Dear friends,

This Sunday, we’ll celebrate the 76th anniversary of Social Security—a commitment that reflects our basic value of caring for one another.

Americans contribute to Social Security with every paycheck, but now, people’s hard-earned benefits—and livelihoods—are in jeopardy. The debt ceiling deal driven by the GOP’s radical demands leaves seniors and people with disabilities vulnerable.

With all six Republican members of the Congressional Super Committee sure to oppose raising taxes on the wealthy, they’ll look to slash support for seniors, children, and middle class families.

Republicans think we can cut our way out of this recession, but with unemployment still over 9 percent, our top priority should be job creation—something Republicans have ignored since taking control of the House.

Will you stand with me in support of making job creation Congress’ top priority?

I’ve led the fight for job creation by introducing the Put America Back to Work Act, calling for the creation of a national infrastructure bank, and by helping write the People’s Budget—which balances the federal budget in ten years.

I’ve got news for Republicans: Cutting social security will not get our economy back on track. Creating jobs will.

Stand with me and help make job creation Congress’ top priority.


Keith Ellison

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