No Action from GOP on Jobs: Nearly 200 Days and Counting

Our country is still recovering from the worst recession in generations, and yet Republicans have not proposed any jobs legislation after nearly 200 days since taking control of the House.

What exactly has the GOP been up to all this time? Well, they’ve been busy attacking health care reform, education, women’s rights, consumer protection reforms, and plotting painful budget cuts that slash funding for programs vital to the poor and our seniors.

It’s clear that job creation is the last thing on Speaker John Boehner’s mind. In fact, the first bill passed by House Republicans, HR 1, destroys 700,000 jobs and protects subsidies for Big Oil.

On the other hand, Keith and his fellow progressives have put solutions on the table, like the People's Budget, that will create jobs with good pay and benefits, while Republican proposals only seek to create more economic pain for our most vulnerable communities.

We must hold the GOP accountable for their record, but we need your help to keep up the pressure.

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