Keith Ellison Says Bin Laden 'Truly Evil'

Keith applauded the Navy SEALs team that finally brought Osama bin Laden to Justice and said the President showed decisive leadership.

The first Muslim elected to Congress says the death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant accomplishment yet in the war against al-Qaida.

Minneapolis Democrat Keith Ellison on Monday commended the U.S. armed forces and intelligence community for finding bin Laden, and he says President Barack Obama demonstrated decisive leadership as commander in chief.

Ellison says Americans of all faiths recognize that bin Laden was a "truly evil man." He calls bin Laden a "murderer" who even before 9/11 was responsible for the killings of Americans and others at the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and on the USS Cole.

Ellison says he hopes his death marks the beginning of the end of al-Qaida's extremist ideology.

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