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Monday, April 23, 2012

Did you celebrate Earth Day yesterday? Read more about how Keith spent his Earth Day and how he's working to make sure we have a healthy environment.

Over the weekend, I celebrated Earth Day by joining Minnesotans to clean up several public parks. It was a shining example of how people can join together to work for the common good

The work I do in Congress on behalf of Minnesota’s Fifth District is no different. As Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, I joined my colleagues to create the Budget for All—a common sense plan that protects our land, air, and waterways, holds polluters accountable, and ends $40 billion in taxpayer handouts to Big Oil.

Will you join me to support the Budget for All? Click here to add your name as a co-signer.

Unlike the Budget for All, the Republican budget would have disastrous consequences on our health, environment, and economy

The GOP’s budget cuts billions from investments in alternative fuels and clean energy technology. Big Oil would keep their billions in taxpayer handouts and Americans would end up with higher gas prices for years to come. Even worse, the Republican budget prevents us from enforcing the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts by gutting the Environmental Protect Agency’s budget.

Studies show that the Clean Air Act alone has prevented 160,000 premature deaths, 130,000 heart attacks, 13 million lost workdays and 1.7 million asthma attacks since 1990.

Voters have a choice. Either we can support candidates who look out for the very rich at the expense of investing in our people and our environment, or we can join together to work for the common good.

Take action right now and support the Budget for All so we can protect our health, air, and waterways.


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