Dayton Says He'll Campaign Against Voter ID

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Will you join our Governor and help defeat photo ID? Get started by signing our petition to VOTE NO.

Via MinnPost:

Despite all the machinations to avoid him and a certain veto, Gov. Mark Dayton will campaign against the GOP’s Voter ID bill.

Tim Pugmire at MPR says: “Dayton said Tuesday that he will work against a Republican-backed constitutional amendment that would require voters to present photo identification at the polls, even though he has no power to stop it from reaching the ballot in November.

Dayton, a Democrat, had already said he would use his bully pulpit to try to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages. He pledged to do the same to defeat the voter ID amendment.

‘You know, at first blush it sounds good. I mean we all want every vote to be lawfully cast and everyone who's lawfully eligible to be able to vote. We all agree on that,’ Dayton said. ‘The question is how do you achieve that goal and not disenfranchise thousands of people? So, as Minnesotans become aware of the facts of the situation, I think public opinion will change.’

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