Congressman Keith Ellison Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

MINNEAPOLIS—Congressman Keith Ellison released the following statement today, announcing his endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for president: 

“I am happy to support my friend and colleague Senator Bernie Sanders in his candidacy for president. For decades, Bernie has demonstrated a willingness to push for progressive ideas that will help American families and restore balance to our economy, which has favored the millionaires and billionaires for way too long. A founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, he is committed to investing in our education system and infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, addressing climate change, fixing our criminal justice system, reforming our financial markets, and pushing for peace and diplomacy abroad. 

“Bernie knows that the power ultimately lies with the American people. And in a time where voter participation is at an all-time low, Bernie has shown that he has the ability to create a renaissance in civic participation by exciting those who are least likely to vote. 

“Having stood with Bernie over the years on many different issues, including the Fight for $15, the effort to ban private prisons, and calling for the end of subsidies for Big Oil, I am proud to stand with him now.” 

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