Congressman Ellison's Statement on DNC Platform Drafting Committee Meeting

MINNEAPOLIS – Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) released the following statement after the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee completed its work in St. Louis, Missouri, forwarding a draft platform to the full Platform Committee which will meet in Orlando on July 8:
“It was an honor to participate in the Platform Drafting Committee with my fellow appointees. The platform draft is the strongest progressive statement to come from the Democratic Party in years. I hope it can be made even stronger in Orlando. The party is responding to the energy and values expressed clearly in this primary election.
“I am disappointed that my amendment to take a strong stand against the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a position shared by both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders – was not included. I hope this amendment will be adopted in Orlando.
“The platform does, though, contain many meaningful and historic positions including: calling for urgently needed voting reforms, rejecting the vilification of Muslim-Americans, ending the death penalty, enacting a financial transactions tax to curb excessive speculation, expanding Social Security, banning golden parachutes for taking government jobs, establishing a new surtax on multimillionaires, allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, using government contracts to support good jobs, honoring and strengthening our relationships with Tribal Sovereign Nations, passing a modernized Glass-Steagall law, and moving our economy to 100% clean energy by 2050. These are significant accomplishments that move our party firmly toward justice, fairness, and inclusion.”  


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