Americans Want Solutions, Not Smears

Friday, April 27, 2012

The attacks keep coming. Read Keith's latest note on the GOP's ongoing smear campaign:

Dozens have stepped up to defend our progressive values from the radical right’s ongoing smear campaign, but we still need to close the gap. We need to raise just $1,325 more before the end of the month to hit our goal.

Can you chip in $5 or more right now to help me fight the GOP’s smears?

My Republican opponent recently said this about me and you:

“My campaign for Congress is designed to reach out to all those who have been let down and under-served by folks like Keith Ellison…the Democratic Party has once again lost their soul because they aren't standing up for people. They side with the special interest and big money players for the sake of staying office. At the head of their party is a President flanked by loyal puppets like Keith Ellison.”

While my opponent is busy calling you names like “big money player,” I’m focused on organizing Americans around our values so we can take back the House from extremists like Tea Party Rep. Allen West (who recently called me a “communist”). With the right people in office, we can advance our progressive agenda and create jobs, invest in our children’s future, and make sure we have tax fairness for all Americans.

Click here and chip in $5 or more right now so we have the resources to defend our progressive values from the GOP’s smear campaign.


P.S. The only special interest I’m looking out for is middle class and working families. Just yesterday, I brought people from all backgrounds together for a hearing to highlight the ongoing foreclosure crisis—because Americans need solutions, not smears. Send our opponent a message by chipping in $5 or more today.

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