Keith Sits Down With Patch To Answer Readers’ Questions

Fifth District Patches recently asked readers to pose questions to Congressman Keith Ellison. This wide-ranging interview covers topics that include jobs and the economy, college affordability, constitutional amendments and more.

Volunteer of the Week: Alex Nordby

“This is my first time being part of an organization,” says Alex. “I very much believe in what Keith has to say and what he’s doing. It’s something I wanted to be a part of.”

Rep. Ellison Highlights Paul Ryan’s Ties To Koch Brothers

Rep. Ellison spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s ‘Politics Nation’ to discuss newly-minted Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Rep. Ellison highlighted Rep. Ryan’s ties to the Koch Brothers in addition to his alignment with the teachings of Ayn Rand.

Thanks To Your Support, We Won Our Democratic Primary Election

Every day, more and more people are getting involved with our campaign because they believe that our country should be a place where Everybody Counts and Everybody Matters. We need you to stay involved with our team so we can turn that vision into a reality.

Rep. Ellison: Americans Can’t Afford A Romney-Ryan Administration

“By adding Rep. Paul Ryan to his presidential ticket, Governor Romney is doubling down on failed Republican policies that drove our nation into the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

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