Rep. Ellison’s TIME Op-Ed: We Need More Engagement in the Middle East, Not Less

“Our own democracy took decades to develop,” writes Rep. Ellison in new op-ed published in TIME. “We can better advance U.S. national security and our interests in the region by initiating a more robust and sustained strategy of engagement.”

Volunteer of the Week: Shukri Farah

Over the past month, Shukri Farah has been coming in twice a week to have one-on-one conversations with voters. “I love the way Keith includes everyone, regardless of race, religion, or anything else,” says Shukri. “He truly cares about people.”

Everything You Need To Know About Minnesota Voter Registration

Before you can vote, you must register. In Minnesota, you may register at least 20 days before Election Day or on Election Day at your polling place. Read this article to find out how to register.

Rep. Ellison WSJ Op-Ed: Bringing ‘Credit Invisibles’ Out of the Dark

We recently introduced a bill that will allow people to build or rebuild accurate credit scores without having to get additional credit cards, loans or high-cost debt. The Credit Access and Inclusion Act allows utility and telecom companies—such as cellphone providers—to report their customers’ on-time payments to credit-reporting agencies.

Keith Ellison On His Vision For America

“I’m ambitious to recapture the American dream. We have a governing philosophy — the politics of generosity and inclusion. Everybody counts, everybody matters.”

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