Voter Restriction “Could Hit 215,000 Minnesota Voters”

The amendment’s uncertainty worries advocates for the elderly and poor, as well as students who try to get their fellow students to go to the polls. They fear that the no-brainer for the many will become a barrier for the few — just enough of a hurdle to keep a significant subset of eligible people home.

Volunteer of the Week: Khalid Warsamee

“Over the summer, Khalid came in five days a week and made hundreds of calls,” says Osman Ahmed, community organizer with Ellison for Congress. “He picked up grassroots organizing really fast and has great conversations with voters at their doors as well.”

Progressives Want a Stronger Focus on Protecting the Safety Net

In an interview with ‘The Nation’ at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Congressman Keith Ellison reaffirmed his commitment to protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Volunteer of the Week: Matt Schirber

Matt is a junior at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. He has been coming into the Ellison for Congress for several hours each night to volunteer before his Fall semester begins. Matt’s top priority? Defeating the voter restriction amendment.

Volunteer of the Week: Natalie Cherne

Ever since she started volunteering her time as an intern this past June, Natalie has brightened the Ellison Campaign office with her positive attitude and passion for good old-fashioned community organizing.

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