Volunteer of the Week: Beth Richards

Beth has consistently voiced a willingness to help out and is always dependable. She is also spectacular at recruiting volunteers over the phone and “has a voice made for connecting with voters.”

Obama overhauls federal contracting rules

President Obama stood on the side of American workers, signing an executive order making it harder for companies with labor law violations to get federal contracts.

Keith Ellison and the Worker-Led Wage Wave

Monday, July 28, 2014 Rep. Keith Ellison, activist Joseph Geevarghese, and Eskow on The Zero Hour at this month’s Netroots Nation conference.

Volunteer of the Week: Carol Freeman

Carol believes it is important to get involved with campaigning because putting Democrats in power is essential. “In Minnesota when we took back our government a lot of good things happened, and I want this to happen nationally, too.”

Volunteer of the Week: Eva Ichkhanian

When asked why getting involved in politics is important, Eva answers without hesitation: “Every conversation I have and every call I make that gets a person to the polls will make up for the one vote I am not able to cast,” says Eva.

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