PETITION: Union Organizing as a Civil Right

Join me, my friends at DFA, and Rep. John Lewis in becoming one of the first Americans to support our new bill establishing union organizing as a civil right.

Volunteer of the Week: Kevin Nash

Kevin thinks it’s important to be involved in campaigning because you’ll become more aware of current local, national, and world issues.

New law will restore a financial lifeline to Somalia

A bill passed Friday by the U.S. Senate may soon make it easier for Somali-Americans to again wire money to relatives in east Africa.

Volunteer of the Week: Beth Richards

Beth has consistently voiced a willingness to help out and is always dependable. She is also spectacular at recruiting volunteers over the phone and “has a voice made for connecting with voters.”

Obama overhauls federal contracting rules

President Obama stood on the side of American workers, signing an executive order making it harder for companies with labor law violations to get federal contracts.

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