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  • Volunteer of the Week: Kevin Nash

    Posted: Aug 08 2014
    Kevin thinks it’s important to be involved in campaigning because you’ll become more aware of current local, national, and world issues.
  • Volunteer of the Week: Beth Richards

    Posted: Aug 01 2014
    Beth has consistently voiced a willingness to help out and is always dependable. She is also spectacular at recruiting volunteers over the phone and “has a voice made for connecting with voters.”
  • Obama overhauls federal contracting rules

    Posted: Jul 31 2014
    President Obama stood on the side of American workers, signing an executive order making it harder for companies with labor law violations to get federal contracts.
  • Volunteer of the Week: Carol Freeman

    Posted: Jul 25 2014
    Carol believes it is important to get involved with campaigning because putting Democrats in power is essential. “In Minnesota when we took back our government a lot of good things happened, and I want this to happen nationally, too.”
  • Volunteer of the Week: Eva Ichkhanian

    Posted: Jul 18 2014
    When asked why getting involved in politics is important, Eva answers without hesitation: “Every conversation I have and every call I make that gets a person to the polls will make up for the one vote I am not able to cast,” says Eva.
  • Volunteer of the Week: Zach Sippy

    Posted: Jul 11 2014
    When asked why getting involved in politics is important, Zach answers without hesitation: “People often complain that the only way to be heard is to spend money, but that’s just not true,” he says.
  • Lawmakers seek to stop racial profiling

    Posted: Jul 07 2014
    Keith is backing House legislation that would forbid racial profiling, as well as other profiling based on religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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