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  • Ellison's Progressive Caucus comes out against debt deal

    Posted: Aug 01 2011
    Ellison, reading a statement from the caucus, said tea party-aligned members of the Republican Party have "held our economy hostage" by demanding large cuts and opposing tax increases in exchange for raising the debt limit.
  • Prevent Default, Protect the Middle Class

    Posted: Jul 29 2011
    Right now, radical Republican policy is jeopardizing our future. Instead of supporting a fair plan to prevent default on our nation’s debt, the GOP wants working families, seniors, and our most vulnerable communities to bear even more pain.
  • Keith's Huffington Post Op-Ed: This Is Our Moment

    Posted: Jul 28 2011
    "At every step of the way, Republicans in Washington have blocked a fair plan. The American people are demanding that our government resolves deficits while maintaining our promises to the middle class."
  • Keith Discusses Debt Ceiling on MPR

    Posted: Jul 25 2011
    Speaking on MPR, Keith criticized Republican plans to cut Social Security and highlighted ways to save money on programs like Medicare without reducing benefits.
  • No Action from GOP on Jobs: Nearly 200 Days and Counting

    Posted: Jul 22 2011
    What exactly has the GOP been up to all this time? Well, they’ve been busy attacking health care reform, education, women’s rights, consumer protection reforms, and plotting painful budget cuts that slash funding for programs vital to the poor and our seniors.
  • Stand up to Republican greed

    Posted: Jul 21 2011
    Republicans are playing a dangerous game with the debt ceiling. They would default on our nation’s bills and threaten to tank the economy in order to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and billionaires. We stood up to Wall Street greed by passing financial reform last year. This year, stand up to Republican greed.
  • Support a True Champion for Women's Rights

    Posted: Jul 13 2011
    Today, women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. With a fighter for women's rights like Keith in Congress, we can continue to close that gap to $1 for every $1.

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