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  • Speaking Out for Jobs

    Posted: Sep 16 2011
    Americans need more then just a job, Americans need a good job. Rep. Ellison hit the nail on the head when he stated “every good worker deserves a good American job” That statement is one of the main themes in the CPC framework for creating good, strong jobs for the American worker.
  • Jobs Plan Unveiled by House Progressive Caucus

    Posted: Sep 14 2011
    "We expect [Republicans] to be opposed," Ellison said at a press conference. "But we've got faith in the American people to rise up and demand that Congress pass a jobs bill. So we're fundamentally optimistic, but we're also realistic. We do expect the American people are going to bring pressure to bear."
  • A Big, Bold Jobs Plan

    Posted: Sep 08 2011
    Ahead of President Obama's speech on creating jobs, Rep. Ellison, Rep. Grijalva, Rep. Woosley, and Rep. Lee wrote an op-ed calling for bold action to grow our economy.
  • Ellison Urges Bold Action from Obama on Jobs

    Posted: Sep 01 2011
    Keith Ellison – the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – wants the president to champion sweeping investments in the nation's crumbling roads and bridges as a way to create jobs and jolt the sluggish economy.
  • Our Top Priority Should Be Jobs

    Posted: Aug 12 2011
    Republicans think we can cut our way out of this recession, but with unemployment still over 9 percent, our top priority should be job creation—something Republicans have ignored since taking control of the House.
  • Ellison Says U.S. Needs to Focus on Creating Jobs

    Posted: Aug 03 2011
    In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Keith talks about the painful impact of Republican spending cuts in the debt-limit agreement and the need for Congress to focus on job-creation legislation.

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