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  • Attend Your Precinct Caucus on Tuesday, Feb 7

    Posted: Feb 04 2012
    Precinct caucuses are a few short days away, and we want you to participate! Caucuses are a great opportunity to talk to your neighbors about what issues and candidates you support this election cycle.
  • Rep. Ellison: Oppose Photo ID At Your Precinct Caucus

    Posted: Feb 02 2012
    Across the state next week, Minnesotans will introduce resolutions at their precinct caucuses to oppose the photo ID amendment. Rep. Ellison's re-election campaign has been organizing voters in the Fifth District and around the state to attend their caucus, introduce the resolution, and talk to their neighbors about the amendment's dangerous consequences.
  • MN Daily Editorial: 5th District Is In Good Hands

    Posted: Feb 01 2012
    Our state’s politicians could learn something from how Ellison does his job. He works honestly, courageously and in the interest of the people — keeping down student loan interest rates is just the latest example.
  • Get Corporate Money Out of Politics

    Posted: Feb 01 2012
    "We have a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people--not corporations." Join Keith and add your name to the list of people standing up against unlimited corporate campaign spending.
  • It's Up To Us To Deliver

    Posted: Jan 25 2012
    Last night, President Obama presented a vision for our nation in which we all do better when we all do better--a vision we all remember from Senator Paul Wellstone. Now it's up to us to deliver.
  • Join Tonight's Conversation on the State of the Union

    Posted: Jan 24 2012
    Tonight at 8PM CT/9PM ET, President Obama will speak to the nation in his annual State of the Union address. Your voice matters, and Keith wants to hear your concerns. Visit tonight to follow Keith’s tweets and join the conversation.

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