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  • Ellison: Foreign Markets Want American Products

    Posted: Apr 14 2012
    With new cities rising from the sands of Saudi Arabia, the country is a ripe market for Minnesota companies looking to export their products, Rep. Keith Ellison told a group of business leaders from around the state Thursday.
  • Keith Tours Hopkins' Go-Float

    Posted: Apr 13 2012
    Earlier this week, Keith toured Fifth District small businesses like Go-Float in Hopkins, MN. By working with the small business community to remove barriers to job creation, Keith is helping make sure that more Minnesotans can find jobs so they can provide for their families.
  • Rachel Maddow: CPC's Popular Policies Reason Behind West's Attacks

    Posted: Apr 13 2012
    Rachel Maddow joined the growing number of Americans that are denouncing Tea Partiers like Allen West for their divisive rhetoric. Watch as Rachel explains that popular policies introduced by the Progressive Caucus are the reason behind West's recent attacks.
  • Ellison, Progressive Caucus: West's Communism Remarks McCarthy-esque

    Posted: Apr 12 2012
    Keith Ellison, a co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which U.S. Rep. Allen West categorized as “communist” on Tuesday, released a statement Wednesday calling the remarks from the Florida Republican a callback to the days of Joe McCarthy.
  • Dayton Vetoes Voter ID Bill, But It Goes On Ballot Anyway

    Posted: Apr 09 2012
    In a press conference where he announced the veto, Dayton said the measure was not passed with bipartisan support, as he believes voting measures should be. Dayton also said the amendment would end same-day voter registration and restrict absentee voting.
  • Business Community Backing Away From ALEC Over Photo ID

    Posted: Apr 05 2012
    Prompted by a petition campaign by the progressive advocacy group Color of Change, Coca-Cola has pulled its support from ALEC, a right-wing corporate-funded front group which has been pushing voter restriction efforts around the country.
  • Rep. Ellison Statement on Photo ID Amendment

    Posted: Apr 04 2012
    "I will run a vigorous grassroots campaign to educate Minnesotans about photo ID’s dangerous consequences and maximize voter turnout in the Fifth District. Our campaign plans to turn out 20,000 new voters in 2012 and make a huge impact on this statewide measure.”
  • Dayton Says He'll Campaign Against Voter ID

    Posted: Apr 04 2012
    Dayton, a Democrat, had already said he would use his bully pulpit to try to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages. He pledged to do the same to defeat the voter ID amendment.

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