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  • Ellison: We Will Defeat Anti-Marriage Amendment

    Posted: Jun 19 2012
    Rep. Keith Ellison told Talking Points Memo that he expects a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota will fail when voters head to the polls in November.
  • Stop the Smears. Invest in Solutions.

    Posted: May 29 2012
    With our Republican opponent recently urging voters to “turn away from soup kitchen politicians like Keith Ellison,” it’s clear that his distract, smear, and divide campaign will get uglier and more offensive by the day. Help us continue talking to voters about our progressive vision to move America forward by making a contribution today.
  • VIDEO: Keith Calls Out Republicans For Dividing Americans

    Posted: May 25 2012
    Keith sits down for an Interview with Ed Schultz on MSNBC to discuss Republican ongoing efforts to distract and divide Americans. Instead of tear others down, Congressman Ellison has always focused greater inclusion of all Americans- regardless of race, religion, income, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Q&A: Congressman Keith Ellison on All Things Considered

    Posted: May 24 2012
    Rep. Keith Ellison, Minn.-Dist. 5, represents the tornado-affected area in north Minneapolis. The DFL-er speaks with Tom Crann of MPR News' All Things Considered to discuss his assessment on the area's recovery, and FEMA's response to the tornado.

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