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  • Rep. Ellison Calls For Extension Of Wind Energy Tax Credit

    Posted: Jul 03 2012
    Some MN businesses involved in wind energy production are urging Congress to extend the wind energy product tax credit, which expires at the end of the year. U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison said failure by Congress to act poses a serious threat to the wind energy industry.
  • Ellison Recognized For Work To Advance LGBT Equality

    Posted: Jul 03 2012
    While House Republicans were promoting discrimination, 183 Representatives were working toward pro-LGBT policies. ThinkProgress has named Rep. Keith Ellison one of the "11 Best Representatives for Gay Rights".
  • Local Politicians, Candidates Take Sides on Obamacare Ruling

    Posted: Jun 29 2012
    "This ruling is a significant victory for the American people," said Rep. Ellison. "After a two-year legal battle, the Supreme Court confirmed today that the Affordable Care Act will continue to provide millions of Americans with health coverage."
  • Here Are The Facts

    Posted: Jun 28 2012
    What would a Romney presidency and Republican Congress mean for the American people? Here are the facts. 32 million seniors would lose access to free preventative care; insurance companies would deny coverage to 17 million children with pre-existing conditions.
  • Rep. Ellison Op-Ed: The Supreme Court Overreach Nobody Is Talking About

    Posted: Jun 27 2012
    This election cycle, outside groups called Super-PACs have raised more than $220 million and spent $124 million. We still have five months until the election. The American people see how this system works against them, so they are raising their voices to take back our democracy.
  • Ellison Slams Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling

    Posted: Jun 25 2012
    The U.S. Supreme Court "squandered an opportunity" to revise its landmark Citizens United decision when it struck down a Montana campaign finance law on Monday, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison said.
  • Walter Mondale, Arne Carlson: Minnesotans Should Reject Voter ID Measure

    Posted: Jun 21 2012
    "The overall goal of this amendment is largely to eliminate election-day registration, directly affecting more than 500,000 Minnesota voters. The new law will require a government-issued photo ID listing a voter's home address. This can be challenging particularly for students, the elderly, the military, absentee voters or anyone who moves."
  • Rep. Ellison On 'Taking Back The American Dream'

    Posted: Jun 20 2012
    This election is fundamentally about values, not about a person, and that the values on the line are basically selfishness exulted to a political philosophy versus community versus all of us in this thing together versus peace versus real economic opportunity.
  • Rep. Ellison: GOP Doesn’t Care About Middle Class Tax Cuts

    Posted: Jun 20 2012
    Congressional Republicans don’t “really care” about extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but are willing to “go to the mat to protect” tax cuts for the wealthy, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison told ThinkProgress.

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