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  • Ellison Debates the Issues with Opponent on WCCO Radio

    Posted: Oct 12 2012
    In the second of multiple debates with his Republican opponent, Rep. Keith Ellison spoke about how we can move America forward by creating jobs, ending massive tax cuts for the rich, and bringing our troops home from Afghanistan.
  • VIDEO: Rep. Ellison on FOX9's 'Political Happy Hour'

    Posted: Oct 09 2012
    U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison joined FOX9's 'Political Happy Hour' to discuss President Barack Obama's performance in the first debate, the recent unrest in the Middle East, and his re-election race in Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District.
  • Volunteer of the Week: Sue Perpich

    Posted: Oct 05 2012
    When asked why she believes it’s important for people to get involved in the political process, Sue answers without hesitation: “If you want change, you have to get involved,” she says.
  • Make A Big Difference This Weekend

    Posted: Oct 04 2012
    This weekend, our campaign is stepping up our Get Out The Vote operation to the next level. We've set a goal to reach out to 20,000 voters at their doors and over the phone to have one-on-one conversations about what’s at stake this election. We’ll have just two days to make it happen. So we need your help!
  • Volunteer of the Week: Shukri Farah

    Posted: Sep 28 2012
    Over the past month, Shukri Farah has been coming in twice a week to have one-on-one conversations with voters. “I love the way Keith includes everyone, regardless of race, religion, or anything else,” says Shukri. “He truly cares about people."

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