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  • Minnesota delegation split on support of surveillance programs

    Posted: Jun 08 2013
    The controversy over the federal government’s effort to track terrorists through telephone records and Internet activities of its citizens is reigniting a national debate over the balancing act between national security and liberty.
  • USA Today Op-Ed: Focus on Jobs, Not the Deficit

    Posted: May 10 2013
    To reduce the deficit, we need to stop doing so much deficit reduction. The most urgent issue facing Americans is the jobs crisis — not the deficit. Investment in good jobs is the key to a better economy, not furloughs for teachers, nurses and firefighters or ending programs that help working families.
  • HuffPo Op-Ed: Ryan Blueprint Would Wipe Out Decades of Progress

    Posted: Mar 27 2013
    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other Republican Party leaders have staked their party's future on a false premise. They say the wealthy are already providing for everyone else, and middle class families need to sacrifice for a change while millionaires reap the benefits.
  • We Must Take Action to End Gun Violence

    Posted: Dec 18 2012
    "As Co-Chairs of the largest Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives, we call on our colleagues to act now to address gun violence. Rather than waiting in vain for the next tragic event, we call for action now."
  • Robert Reich Breaks Down the Fiscal Cliff

    Posted: Dec 06 2012
    Check out this video from former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explaining the facts about the year-end "fiscal cliff" and what action Congress should take to keep moving America forward.
  • Keith Ellison: GOP plan fails the fairness test

    Posted: Dec 05 2012
    When the American people re-elected President Obama last month, they sent an unmistakable message to Washington. The wealthiest among us should pay their fair share and protect benefits that American families rely upon.
  • MinnPost: What Minnesota’s Democrats want in a 'fiscal-cliff' deal

    Posted: Dec 04 2012
    "What I’m opposed to is requiring the most vulnerable people in our community — seniors, the aged, people who are sick and really can’t work — I don’t think they should have to pay for the fiscal problems of our society. They didn’t cause them, and they shouldn’t have to bear the brunt."

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