A stunning number

0: That's the number of bills Republicans have put forth this year to create jobs.

Instead of putting politics aside and offering solutions, this Republican-led Congress is too busy telling struggling families that they’re on their own.

Keith, however, led the charge for the People’s Budget—a commonsense plan to cut our deficit and put Americans back to work right away by:

  • Investing in our roads, bridges, and schools.
  • Asking the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Ending the wars.
  • Creating a public health insurance option.

Will you stand with Keith by chipping in $5 or more?

We’re 78 donors away from reaching our 100 donor goal before our financial quarter ends on Friday at midnight. Your support will ensure that Keith continues leading the charge for jobs in Congress.

Keith will not back down to the GOP, and if you stand with him, shoulder to shoulder, we can send a message that it’s time to create prosperity for working families, not Wall Street CEOs.

Stand with Keith in support of jobs and help us break our goal by making a financial contribution today.

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