Ellison Calls On Dems To Add Freedom To Marry To National Platform

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Via Minnesota Progressive Project:

Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) joined many other progressives calling for the Freedom to Marry plank be added to the national Democratic Party platform. This is important because, if adopted, it means that Minnesotans will see/hear yet one more source calling on Minnesotans to defeat the gay marriage ban constitutional amendment. And the national party will have plenty of money to spend.


From the Freedom to Marry campaign's press release:

Today more than half a dozen Democratic Congressional leaders signed onto Freedom to Marry's Democrats: Say I Do campaign calling for a freedom to marry plank in the 2012 national platform of the Democratic Party.  The signers include three key contenders for the US Senate from swing states: Tammy Baldwin (D-WI); Shelly Berkley (D-NV); and Martin Heinrich (D-NM).  Additional new signers include Ranking Democrat of the House Judiciary Committee John Conyers (D-MI); Judiciary Committee member Mike Quigley (D-IL); former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Chris Van Hollen (D-MD); and Representative Jared Polis (D-CO).

These latest members of Congress to call for a freedom to marry plank join House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Obama campaign co-chairs Charles Gonzalez (D-TX) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), and lead sponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), and many others.

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