Keith’s top priority in Congress is job creation. With millions unemployed and millions more under-employed, we must get America back to work. Keith understands that having a job provides vital income, but it also means pride and dignity for workers and their families.

Keith has stood up for job creation by helping author legislation such as the Local Jobs for America Act, which would create one million public and private sector jobs in local communities. This bill sends resources directly to states and municipalities with the greatest number of people out of work to restore vital local services.

Keith has worked to secure funds for the Fifth District for job training programs and infrastructure projects such as the Central Corridor. He supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which invested in infrastructure and sent billions of dollars to states to prevent teacher layoffs. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Recovery Act created or saved nearly 3.5 million jobs.

Unfortunately, job creation is the last thing on the GOP’s mind. In fact, Republican budget cuts would send one million more Americans to the unemployment line. At a time when our nation is beginning to emerge from the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, we need leaders in Congress who will create jobs, not cut them. Unlike the GOP, Keith will continue to make job creation his number one priority.

Fair Taxes
Our budget deficit ballooned over the last decade largely in part because President Bush and the GOP pushed through huge tax cuts for the rich that were never paid for. We simply cannot afford to borrow from our children to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires who aren’t paying their fair share, especially when there are millions of Americans still looking for work. In order to balance our budget and save critical public services and social programs from GOP cuts, Keith believes that we need a tax system where the rich pay their share.

Consumer Protection
Keith sits on the House Financial Services Committee, which oversees all components of the nation’s housing and financial services sectors including banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities.

Keith authored legislation to protect borrowers from being penalized by lenders for defaulting or missing payments on other loans—an unfair practice known as Universal Default. The Universal Default Prohibition Act is now law under the Credit Cardholder’s Bill of Rights and was the first bill that Keith introduced as a Member of Congress.

In order to protect Main Street from Wall Street abuse, Keith proudly voted for the historic Dodd-Frank financial regulatory reform legislation. This law ends ‘too big to fail’ companies and protects consumers from deceptive practices, hidden fees, and abusive, predatory lending terms.

When we exchange goods with our neighbors abroad, we can promote economic growth, but also help advance democratic values around the world. Keith recognizes that trade deals should not only benefit the United States, but all countries involved—which is why he believes in fair trade.

Our economy depends on our ability to get where we need to, when we need to, quickly and affordably. Creating safe, affordable and reliable transportation options is one of Keith’s top priorities in Congress. He has secured millions for vital infrastructure projects such as the Lowry Avenue bridge replacement and the Central Corridor light rail line. The tragic 2007 Interstate 35-W Bridge collapse was a wakeup call for America to rehabilitate and reinvest in our nation’s roads and bridges—doing so not only creates safer communities, it will create jobs and get America back to work.

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